Vegan chef Rishim Sachdeva crowdfunding for “mostly vegan” Tendril.

14th May 2022

Vegan chef Rishim Sachdeva is to use equity crowdfunding for permanent London restaurant site plans for a “mostly vegan” concept, Tendril.

The move comes after a residency for Tendril at Soho’s Sun & 13 Cantons – a starting ground for notable restaurant success stories, such as Sambal Shiok, Sarap and Asma Khan’s Darjeeling Express.

The crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs will launch at the end of this month, with a target of £150,000.

Tendril’s menu focuses on fresh, seasonal produce, and takes inspiration from Sachdeva’s kitchen experience in London and India, as well as the food he likes to eat at home – having been a (mostly) vegan himself since early 2019.

Signature dishes on Tendril’s menu include Tostada, with muhamarra, winter squash and chard kimchi, and Chipotle mushroom, barbecue kale, walnut, crispy potato and gremolata.

Sachdeva said: “Tendril is the result of a deeply personal journey for me, from being a hardcore carnivore to a (mostly) vegan convert. I still eat some dairy and would find it almost impossible to give up cheese altogether, hence the (mostly) vegan menu at Tendril. By cooking plant-first food that’s not specific to a cuisine or nationality, I want to recreate my most evocative memories of flavours and textures that have influenced me through my travels around the world, not just the UK and India. We were blown away by the success at the Sun & 13 Cantons and I’m now hoping with this crowdfunding that I can finally realise the dream of opening a permanent restaurant home for us in London.”