Low Alcohol Inginous Gin

8th May 2022

Inginious Gin promising a “big taste in small measures” has been launched by former ad executive Simon Liddle offering “more flavour but less alcohol” it is claimed drinkers this “innovative spirit” requires only 5ml of spirit “for the same refreshing taste” of a G&T, but with only 0.2 units of alcohol!

The drink is targeted at consumers adopting a lighter approach to drinking this year but not wanting to be completely abstemious.

A 5ml serve, compared to the standard 50ml double serve of gin, mixed with 150ml of tonic contains only 0.2 units

Inginious is packed full of carefully chosen botanicals including the classic gin botanical juniper, and a citrus blend of lemongrass, grapefruit.

A 5ml measuring spoon comes with each purchase.

Inginious Gin retails online at £26.