Tilda encourages Iftar feasts

28th April 2019


With Ramadan estimated at being worth more than £200 million in the UK, Tilda Foodservice is encouraging operators to make the most of this ‘untapped opportunity’ by serving Iftar feasts.

Iftar – meaning breaking the fast – will see over four million Muslims in Britain gather together each evening during Ramadan. As the biggest occasion after Christmas and Easter this can help savvy operators boost profits, especially as research has shown that  57% are regularly choosing to break their evening fast with dinner out.


Annette Coggins, head of foodservice at Tilda UK said: “During the month of fasting, Iftar is when friends and family come together. Over half of all Muslims observing Ramadan are looking to restaurants to provide for Iftar meals. Operators who tailor their menus, will not only increase the appeal of their offerings, but are likely to see an uplift in sales by tapping into one of the biggest calendar events of the year.”


The fasting may last for one month, but Ramadan is eight weeks long with preparation in advance and finishing with two weeks of Eid al-Fitr – the festival of breaking the fast. In fact, it’s suggested that one in five will be planning to go out for dinner during Eid, providing another reason for operators to create dishes.


Coggins added:  “Marking the end of a month of fasting, many Muslims are already planning to eat out at least once during the Eid celebrations. Full of wonderful flavours, our recipes mean operators can create dishes with high appeal, whether it be for Iftar feasts or the fortnight of Eid that follows.”