Sushi Franchise Expansion

15th September 2021

Sushi Shop, part of AmRest, is seeking to secure a number of regional master franchisees across the UK, as part of its UK expansion plans Founded in 1998 by Grégory Marciano and Hervé Louis, Sushi Shop is a European chain of restaurants for sushi, sashimi and other Japanese specialties.

The brand has established an international network of company-operated and franchised stores across 12 countries, having been part of AmRest, the European multi-brand franchise restaurant group, since 2018. Sushi Shop, which operates five sites in London, is built largely on a digital, delivery and takeaway concept, its “innovative business model has proven remarkably resilient throughout the pandemic, growing by double digits in 2020”.

The pandemic has driven a rise in delivery and takeaway services, as customers were forced to change their dining habits during lockdowns, which the brand said worked in its favour, and it is now looking to build on this success by expanding in key regional UK cities.

There are four regions where the business is seeking new Sushi Shop partners, each of which has the opportunity to open at least ten sites in the coming years. These are London, the Midlands, north of England, and Scotland, all where “suitable trade zones are ready to get started”.

The company said: “The Sushi Shop brand offers opportunity for rapid expansion in towns and cities throughout the UK, especially as with limited hot food options, the stores can operate in A1 (retail) space in most cases. The business claims has high margins with controllable costs. Since Sushi Shop has its London team in place already, the set-up, as well as the ongoing support, can be given to incoming franchises at all times.”