Diners Shun Bottled Water

12th May 2017


Near three-quarters (72%) of consumers believe branded bottled water is a waste of money, marking a shift away from bottled water, as diners become more environmentally-minded, according to new research.  A YouGov survey of more than 2,000 people for fresh filtered water systems supplier Eau de Vie revealed almost half (48%) of respondents prefer to drink a restaurant’s own filtered water compared with 10% who opt for well-known, branded bottled water. More than three-quarters (79%) of respondents said they considered plastic bottles to be bad for the environment, with more than half (55%) concerned about potential chemicals in bottled water.


Eau de Vie chief executive David Smithson said: “The hospitality industry is making great strides in its commitment to operate sustainably and the results from research like this proves the positive reception this can generate from customers. By switching to filtered water systems, restaurants can not only build on green credentials but encourage repeat business from savvy consumers who recognise the detrimental effect of plastic water bottles on the environment.”