Berenjak Borough Market

7th February 2022 JKS Restaurants s to open a second site under its Iranian concept Berenjak, in London’s Borough Market. The concept, which launched in Soho in October 2018, will open on the former Flor site in Bedale Street. The first Berenjak opened in Romilly Street and reinterprets hole-in-the-wall kebab houses that line the streets …

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Roketsu London Debut

4th February 2022 Japanese Kaiseki restaurant Roketsu has openeded its debut site in London with Chef Daisuke Hayashi. Hayashi is one of the only masters of the Kaiseki tradition globally, and the first to bring this spectacular and lesser-known form of Japanese dining to London. Kaiseki dining, originally a traditional meal served to Buddhist monks …

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En Root Peckham

26th January 2021 The brothers behind En Root, the Indian vegan restaurant in Clapham, have to opened a new, open kitchen restaurant in Peckham. The restaurant follows its Clapham sibling, serving home-cook styled Indian meals “with a South London twist .” The restaurant is a cafe during the day serving up En Root classics, new …

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I Robot at Chinese Buffet

21st January 2021 The Chinese Buffet, a nine-strong chain of restaurants across the north of England, has introduced robot waitresses to serve customers. Owners Paolo Hu and Peter Wu have four “BellaBot” robots which talk to and serve customers and even sing Happy Birthday. The Chinese Buffet spokesman, David Ramsden, said: “It’s quirky and customers …

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17th January 2022 ITALICUS® a reinvention of the historic Italian Rosolio – the original Aperitivo drunk by Italian royalty known as the “Aperitivo di Corte” or “Drink of Kings”, is marketing itself as a new Spritz experience to those seeking to reduce their alcoholic consumption. Grown, harvested and distilled in Italy, ITALICUS delivers “fresh tones …

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Coarunn Scottish Gin

15th January 2022 For restaurants planning a Burn’s Night special for 25th January, Caorunn offers a “super-premium” Scottish gin handcrafted using “the finest pure grain spirit as well as traditional and foraged gin botanicals. “Carefully handcrafted” in the Scottish Highlands, Caorunn is “nurtured” in small batches and quadruple-distilled, giving it an individual flavour profile that …

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