Sojubar eyes UK expansion

9th June 2024

Netherlands-based Korean fried chicken concept Sojubar is looking to expand in the UK using a franchise model. Sojubar launched in Rotterdam in 2021, with a beer and soju (a Korean distilled alcoholic drink traditionally made from rice) offering with fried chicken and other Korean dishes. It has four sites in the Netherlands and one in Belgium – in Antwerp – with a fifth Dutch location, in Breda, planned.

It has now partnered with Seeds Consulting to explore coming to the UK – either as a joint venture (JV) or a straight franchise. “We think Sojubar is a great fit for the UK market,” said Sojubar managing director, Feng Chen. “It is not just our signatory Korean fried chicken recipes that sets us apart from existing competition, but it is also the vibe that we create every day for our guests, which then invariably gets captured and shared on TikTok. Ultimately, our aim is to take our concept to all main UK cities, and we will be selective both in terms of partners and locations. The popularity of Korean cuisine has never been higher, due in part to the wider market demand for more culturally diverse dining experiences, but also specifically because of growing interest in Korean culture. The influences of Korean pop, dramas, and fashion have all naturally led to curiosity about Korean food, and thus a greater appreciation for the unique, fresh flavours of these dishes.” Seeds Consulting’s founder, Matteo Frigeri, added: “At Seeds, when taking on new clients, we look at the food, financials, scalability, trendiness and the people. Sojubar ranks incredibly highly on all these factors and we are delighted to support its fast growth in the UK and internationally. In the UK, we are open to both a JV or straight franchise with someone that wants to bring a truly innovative Korean concept to our market. They claim the Dutch are packed throughout the week, including Monday evenings in January.