Berenjak Opening

23rd September 2018


Karam, Jyo and Sunaina Sethi, the family behind JKS Restaurants and London venues Bubbledogs, Gymkhana and Brigadiers, are to launch Iranian concept Berenjak in Soho at the end of October.


The venture will open in Romilly Street, reinterpreting the hole-in-the-wall kebab houses that line the streets of Tehran. Berenjak, which takes its name from brightly coloured, toasted rice eaten at funfairs, is the brainchild of chef Kian Samyani, who has worked at Gymkhana and Brigadiers. Samyani will draw on his heritage to create signature dishes using seasonal British produce, while interiors will feature stained-glass windows, Persian carpets and reclaimed marble tables.


The menu will include small plates, traditional kebabs, freshly baked bread and khoresht, a Persian-style stew. The bar will offer Persian drink sharbat, with a living wall allowing drinkers to choose fresh herbs to pair with their drink, while sparkling, yogurt-based drinks, popular in Iran, can also have alcohol added.


Samyani said: “It wouldn’t be an Iranian dinner without sitting elbow-to-elbow with friends and family, sharing each dish until every scrap has gone. I’m looking forward to recreating that at Berenjak.”