13th February 2019


YO! Sushi has launched a “DNA dining experience” in partnership with genetic testing company DNAFit.


YO! Dinner, YO! Way has been announced following a report by YO! Sushi and foresight consultancy The Future Laboratory, that bids to predict how food will look in ten years’ time and the trends and “tribes” that will contribute to change.


YO! Sushi said it had become the first nationwide restaurant chain to bring the DNA trend to the high street in response to rising demand for personalised, genetic-based nutrition. YO! Dinner, YO! Way offers diners a home DNA test before they are sent a breakdown of their needs, food sensitivities and diet plan based on the results. If selected from those who submit their email address, diners will also receive a “personalised plate plan” – a list of YO! Sushi dishes that best meet their genetic requirements.


From analysing DNA, DNAFit can uncover whether a person unknowingly suffers from lactose-intolerance or requires more omega 3 in their diet, for example.


YO! Sushi marketing director Luisa Fernandez said: “We wanted to help diners find out how their body ticks and the best nutrients and ingredients to feed it with. DNA dining is just the start of food personalisation and we’re excited to bring it to the mainstream.”


DNAFit chief executive Avi Lasarow added: “There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach to diet and nutrition, and it is excellent to see YO! embrace the potential of a DNA-guided menu. We know personalisation is becoming increasingly important to so many decisions we make each day as consumers and YO! Dinner, YO! Way will get diners one step closer to living their best possible life.”