Wetherspoon pubs heat up curry battle

26th May 2016




High street curry houses face renewed competition from Wetherspoon pub,  following changes its Curry Club menu.  The Curry Club at JD Wetherspoon sites , serves around of 80,000 curries across the UK each Thursday, between noon and 11pm.


The revamped menu sees the introduction of vindaloo, improved side dishes and the introduction of a “chilli rating.”  The company announced its food-development team has been working with kitchen managers, suppliers and customers during the past nine months to bring consumers “thicker sauces, increased meat content and hand-stretched naan breads”. The new curry rating system ranges from one chilli to five, with the vindaloo at the “hotter end of the spectrum”. New side dishes include garlic and coriander naan, while several existing curries and altered to including the addition of mustard seeds  coconut to the beef Madras, as well as a larger beef dice. The chicken tikka masala, available all week on Wetherspoon’s food menu, now contains 5% more chicken, as does the chicken jalfrezi, which has been lowered to in heat to the three chillies mark. Changes have have also been made to bhaji and samosa recipes.