TRIP official Dry January drink

12th December 2023

Restaurateurs looking to tap into Dry January can serve the month’s “official” drink, CBD rich TRIP.

In 2023, 9 million UK adults participated in ‘Dry January’ according to the Alcohol Change UK) charity,  with similar numbers of participants expected this year. However, one in three fail to make it to the end of the month without reverting to their usual drinking habits, according to YouGov.

Studies show that people mostly drink in order to unwind, and alcohol alternatives generally don’t have the same calming effect. Soft drinks are often high in sugar or have other additives that won’t help you to relax in the same way that a glass of wine with dinner does. 

Wellness expert and co-founder of non-alcoholic CBD drink brand TRIP Olivia Ferdi believes that it’s possible to take the edge off without reverting to our normal drinking habits: “CBD can be an exciting part in how we socialise.”

Studies show that people are increasingly giving up drinking, and since most alcohol alternatives generally don’t have the same calming effect, only TRIP can help people unwind in a similar way. 

Founded by husband-and-wife duo Dan and Liv, the pair discovered CBD in 2018, after Dan sustained a serious knee injury just weeks before they were due to get married and was told he wouldn’t walk down the aisle. Dan tried CBD oil as a means of rehabilitation ahead of his surgery and realised its incredible power to reduce his inflammation and help him sleep. He made a miraculous recovery in time for their wedding, able to dance crutches-free throughout the night.

Afterwards, Liv began using CBD to manage the everyday stresses she faced as a lawyer, finding that it helped her unwind after long stressful days. She loved the effects it had but hated the bitter taste and inconvenient formats, and decided she wanted to create something better, she left her legal career to create TRIP. 

Great Taste Award winning TRIP CBD Drinks are “flavour-first” and infused with natural adaptogens for stress-free sipping, helping you feel more productive and creative, as well as less stressed and anxious. CBD drinks have the same benefits as CBD oils or other CBD products but can be a convenient and delicious way to take your dose. 

TRIP’s range includes Peach Ginger, Lemon Basil, Elderflower Mint and Cold Brew Coffee CBD infused drinks. Alcohol Change UK is a charity founded in 1984 that works for a society that is free from the harm caused by alcohol.

TRIP retail stockists include Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Boots, Ocado and Holland & Barrett.