Nano Lunch

15th April 2017
A Wagamama report has revealed a rise in the “nano lunch” trend, where people take fewer than 15 minutes for their lunch break. The “Lunch Report” follows the company’s launch last month of Wagamamago, the world’s first walk-away payment app, which will save its customers an average of 12 minutes at every meal.
The report found one-quarter (25%) of Brits take fewer than 15 minutes for lunch (branded a nano lunch), while 30% take fewer than 25 minutes (micro lunch), and 70% take fewer than 40 minutes (quick lunch).  Only 17% of Brits said they took the whole hour for their lunch break. The report found half the nation refuses to wait longer than six minutes in a queue for food, while dining in restaurants was also time sensitive, with “waiting for a table” and “waiting for a bill” the biggest pet hates on lunchtime pressure (both 23%).
The research also showed almost 40% of Brits will use technology to speed up elements of life in general. The app, produced in partnership with Mastercard, is cashless and 10% of those surveyed said they often forgot their payment card and regularly relied on technology when eating out at lunch. The company described Wagamamago as “Uber for diners”, allowing time-poor Brits to walk in, order, eat and, for the first time, simply go. Payment is taken automatically from the app without the need to hit a pay button.