MoMoMo Opening

19th April 2022

Tibetan street food concept MoMoMo, which launched last year with a restaurant in Houndsditch in East London, is opening another London site. The concept, which sees steamed dumplings filled with vegetables, meat and traditional spices – popular in Tibet, Nepal, India and Bhutan – will open at 1 Charlotte Place, Fitzrovia with 32 covers both inside and outside.

Founders Sanjeev Chibber and Arthur Magoulianiti came up with the idea after finding the snack, which they say is much sought-after globally, was still not readily available in London.

Chibber said: “In India, momos are available on every street corner and at every food market, but they are much harder to find in London. I found myself craving some for lunch one day but couldn’t find them anywhere, so called up my friend Arthur, and we decided there and then that we needed to do something about it.

Momos are meant to be shared, and Londoners are missing out!”

Fillings include Timur pepper chicken, fragrant spiced beef and spicy jackfruit with greens, although guests can build their own combinations by picking their preferred momo, base, sauce and garnish.