Meet Bros Steakhouse

29th December 2023

Meet Bros in Paddington, an Asian-inspired steakhouse opened in May by the the Serai Group that owns the Malaysian chain Me’nate Steak Hub, one hoping to benefit from the restaurant-goers taking part in ‘Dry January’.

A semi-fine dining experience, Meet Bros is a fully halal, alcohol-free, Asian-inspired steakhouse that celebrates the “meeting” of Asian and Western cuisines amid ancient-styled architecture.

With “cornerstone” steaks sourced from all over the world, diners choose their own meat cut (including ribeye, sirloin, ribs and tomahawk) at the Meet Bros chiller station, to be infused with their choice of signature Asian marinations Alongside the classic salt and pepper option, guests will also be able to taste their cuts infused with special marination recipes, such as Meet Bros’ “secret” BBQ sauce.

Other dishes include Asian-inspired Small Plates, like Sesame Prawncake, Spring Rolls and Pulled Crispy Silver Hill Duck; Salads; Pizza; Pasta; Burgers. There will also be a selection of other meat-based mains, which fuse spices and ingredients of the East with homely familiar flavours of the West.

There is also a range of vegan and vegetarian options, such as the Panko Portobello Steak, a deep-fried panko-crusted Portobello Steak Mushroom, served with silky smooth Parisian mash and Thyme onion jus.

The Meet Bros dining experience is backdropped by a Medieval-style basement complemented by modern minimalistic design, with light music adding to the ambiance,

The name ‘Meet Bros’ refers to the ‘meeting’ of two contrasting continents and cultures through tantalising dishes presented in a welcoming atmosphere where everyone feels part of the family (‘Bros’).

Meet Bros, 29-31 Craven Rd, London W2 3BX