Gin, Set and Match

25th June 2021

Wimbledon Garden Gin

Wimbledon Brewery has created a premium dry gin to embody Englishness: “sweet but tart, smooth yet bold, a follower but 100% unique,” in time for the tennis tournament.

This spirit is made in small batches, using botanicals found in abudance on Wimbledon Common.

Floral notes of the locally foraged gorse and heather, balance with the spice of juniper are distilled with liquorice, lemon and honey; made by bees that have harvested nectar throughout the local gardens of Wimbledon. Cascade Hops from the brewery, give a finish with a “smooth clean flavour perfect for summer.”

The Wimbledon Brewery was founded by William Cook in 1832. A fire at the brewery in 1889 damaged the interior of the building equipment was destroyed, but main structure of the building was left intact. The company’s logo incorporates the image of the tower, the phoenix and barley and hops, representing the brand’s heritage

After creating real ales, beers and wine, Wimbledon Brewery, its Wimbledon Garden Gin has receivedThe Gold Medal of the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2021, and the International Gin Masters 2020 Gold Medal.