Generation Z

14th November 2022

According to research by the customer experience and retention platform SevenRooms, ‘Generation Z’ is spending £857m a week on hospitality, but restaurants must “up their social media game” in order to tap into this market.  While many consumers are tightening their belts, those aged 16-24 spend an average of nearly £70 per week in venues, 68% more than the average customer.

Given 12.6 million Generation Z consumers in the UK, the group is worth a huge £857m. Its study revealed the impact social media has on their restaurant usage. It found almost half have visited a restaurant because it went viral on social media, and nearly a third will only visit restaurants that are seen as “Instagrammable”. 92% of Generation Z will travel to visit a social media-famous venue, while more than a third have visited a restaurant just so they could post about it on social media. 58% said they would visit more restaurants they found through social media if they could book through social media.