Fatt Pundit

1st March 2019


Indo-Chinese concept Fatt Pundit is to launch in Berwick Street, in London’s Soho district.  The name is derived from a combination of common Chinese surname Fatt and Indian word “pundit”, which means scholar.   The 60-seater restaurant will feature exposed concrete walls, street signs and murals.


Indo-Chinese cuisine was created when Hakka people migrated to India from the Chinese province of Canton, combining traditional Chinese cooking techniques with the spices of India.


Fatt Pundit’s signature dish is momos (Tibetan spicy dumplings with added meat and vegetarian fillings accompanied by chutney). The restaurant will feature a momo station at the front, while other signature dishes will include shredded chilli venison, and stir-fried cod and bream curry. The drinks list will focus on cocktails inspired by Indian fruit vendors.