Devina adds to non-alcoholic range

10th March 2024

Non-alcoholic drinks company has added three new halal friendly sparkling drinks, Pineapple & Coconut, Mango Drink, and Peach to its range including Red Grape, White Grape, Mango and Strawberry, which pair exceptionally well with spicy food.

Offering “fantastic profit margins”, Devina drinks are “perfect for celebrations and diners will love the experience of popping the champagne style cork.”

Devina recommends servicing in an ice bucket with flute shaped glassware to make “diners feel truly special.”

Retailing at around £1.85 in Tesco and Asda, the range is also available at all wholesalers including Wanis.

Devina drinks are available from Wanis, the UK’s largest world foods wholesaler