Customers Demand Value

12th November 2022

Half of UK consumers are dining out less than at the start of 2022, while
guests are increasingly looking for value and variety. Findings from a
Revenue Management Solutions survey of consumers found 51% of
those surveyed are eating out less restaurants to save money.

Additionally, 70% said they compare prices prior to placing their orders
Four out of five stated they enjoy having a variety of option choices on a
menu, yet half feel this is currently missing, with an additional one in
three stating they no longer find satisfying value options on a menu.
Some 65% admitted to purchasing a set meal from a quick-service
restaurant in the past month, with more than half purchasing multiple
ones, and 53% said they represent better value than individual items. All
those surveyed cited their intention to reduce their frequency of visits to
restaurants across all sectors. However, socialising with family and
friends in a restaurant remains important, with 43% doing so, as
opposed to entertaining at home. Celebrating a special occasion in a
restaurant also saw an increase, from 33% in the first quarter to 42%.