Chun Fun How Bubble Tea

8th February 2023

Taiwanese bubble tea chain Chun Fun How has opened its first UK site, in London’s Victoria. The brand, known for its eye-catching floral cup designs, has opened a site in Artillery Row. There are more than ten unique cup designs available in the London Victoria store.

The company said: “With premium ingredients directly imported from Taiwan, the London Victoria store offers a variety of authentic Taiwanese bubble tea flavours which are artfully crafted, including bestsellers Lychee Jade Tea and Citrus Jade Tea. For milk tea lovers, Chun Fun How’s signature Osmanthus milk tea series is another must-try. Its Osmanthus Oolong Milk Tea with Pearls is fragrant, creamy and silky, which is a perfect match with the chewy tapioca pearls.”

The shop also plans to release seasonal menu items exclusive to the UK market. Established in Taiwan in 2014, Chun Fun How has 35 outlets worldwide, spanning Canada, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Indonesia.