Bang Bang Oriental Foodhall

17th August 2017


Bang Bang Oriental, London’s biggest Asian foodhall, has  opened in Colindale, North London.


The eco-friendly 32,000 square foot venue, designed by  Stiff +Trevillion, brings a pan-Asian culinary experience and cultural entertainment concept to the capital, encompassing a food court, restaurant and community space.  ‘Bang Bang’ means ‘Good Good’ in Taiwanese.


The venue is also home to the  Golden Dragon 300 cover flagship restaurant, serving dim sum lunches with an traditional Chinese menu in the evening.


The foodhall has over 20 individual kiosks offering an eclectic mix of Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Indian, Vietnamese, Taiwanese and Malaysian cuisines, with seating up to 450 guests


Food kiosks include:


Global Taiwanese Bubble Tea brand Chatime日出茶太; Wonderful Patissieries  serving, Oriental desserts including green tea ice cream served in a fish shaped cone, Japanese cheese cake, tiger roll and pandan rolls.


Four Seasons文興酒家 and its Hong Kong-style Cantonese roast duck.


Sukaria with a twist on traditional Cantonese, Hakka and Malaysian dishes with street food dishes such as braised pork knuckles; and Mee Rojak with crispy bang bang chicken.


UMi, specialising in Sushi, Maki, Sashimi, Tempura and Japanese dessert from consultant Head Chef consultant Jonathan Deddis; Hanoi themed Café La Viet  with pho, vermicelli, Com rice dishes and marinated beef ribs.


Uncle Chilli四叔巴蜀風味魚湯米線 with spicy Sichuan cooking using garlic, chilli, and Sichuan pepper.


LongJi Hong Kong Restaurant 龍記香港茶餐廳  showcasing contemporary Asian cuisine with a Western twist with influences from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Korea and Singapore., including Macau Pork Chop Burger, Yeung Chow Fried Rice, French Toast and Portuguese Pork Chop with Spaghetti.


Royal China One 68 DIM SUM皇朝壹陸捌點心樓 with dumplings and buns from Hong Kong.


Little Thai Silk with Spicy mince pork rice with egg, Mango papaya salad and Thai sausage.


Bánh&Chè serves Franco-Vietnamese dishes including Xoi sticky rice, Gỏicuốn Vietnamese spring rolls and Bahn Mi – chicken, pork, duck or aubergine baguettes.


Ramen Samurai – Ryu  麵屋武士龍  has noodles from  Yamagishi Kazuo, the inventor of Tsukemen. Ramen dishes include the his including original, garlic and spicy flavour creation, served traditionally with egg and chicken in chicken broth.


Taiwanese Street Food台灣食尚  focused on Thaipei night market street foods includes Fried chicken breast, Crispy chicken balls, Grilled onion pancake and Meat filled steamed buns.


Yaki Ya Grill Japan serves traditional Yakitori grill, with Yaki Ya sauce. plus Grilled squid, Shishamo, Salmon, Shiitake mushroom, Donburi and bento boxes.


Tibb’s FRANKIE offers Lebanese pita bread wraps with a variety of Indian fillings.


Janchi Korean Kitchen with dishes based on family recipes featuring Bimbimbap and Deopbap.


Bamboo Hut竹林小屋 where Beijing street foods including Sheng Jian Bao, Pan-fried pork pies and burgers.


Xi Home 喜家 chefs create prepare dumplings with Pickled pork, Shrimp, leek and egg, and Pork, shrimp and cabbage.


ICHIBAN美味一番 whose Japanese delicacies include classic katsu curry and boiled Eel in special sauce, BBQ Eel and scallops, as well as traditional Teriyaki dishes.


Citropia Café 果城specialises in fruit juice, smoothies and flavoured Earl Grey teas. Cream cheese desserts are available in flavours including Blueberry, Mango and Strawberry.


The Pearl Lounge is in the food hall’s bar area with a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, including a global selection of beers, ciders, wines, Champagnes, spirits and cocktails. 


Wonder Bake Oriental patisserie serves a range of egg tarts with global influences from Hong Kong, China and Portugal. Flavours flavours include Hong Kong original, Hong Kong coconut, Portuguese egg tart, Japanese original, and Japanese green tea.


Coconut Tree  brings a taste of Kuala Lumpur with traditional Malaysian dishes, serving a  selection of halal dishes on green plates and bowls with green cutlery.


The Bang Bang foodhall has indoor and outdoor spaces for community events, dancing classes, and cultural activities such as Lion dancing. The spaces are available for residents to hire for free for up to 60 hours a week. There is also a children’s play area.


The venue is open Monday to Thursday from 11.30am until 9.30pm, Friday to Saturday from 11am until 10pm and Sunday from 11am until 9pm.