Asian Curry Awards Competition Nomination process

Information Regarding The Nomination Process for Nominees


The purpose of the Asian Curry Awards (ACA) competition is to promote highest quality Asian food industry in the UK. This may include challenging the existing standards to exceed them.
All participants will be expected to demonstrate high minimum standards across all aspects of the restaurant/takeaway. Then the very best standards will be judged to reach the winning entries – which must demonstrate outstanding qualities in many areas with an emphasis on food.
The best must be outstanding in all areas – and must include many original features.


Your business must have been trading for at least 3 years ( for newcomer award less than 3 years), be based in England, Northern Ireland, Wales or Scotland and serve Asian food, and have a minimum of a 4-Star Hygiene Award with a plan to reach 5 Star if it does not currently have this – to be eligible to enter the competition.


  • – Application form.
  • – Signed agreement to the terms and conditions of the competition.
  • – Voucher for a meal for four people (once reached shortlist)
  • – Copy of Menu
  • – Copy of Council Star Rating certificate
  • – Recent photograph of Kitchen, Restaurant, Shop Front


The competition will be held in five different stages:

  • i. Nominations open on March 2017 and then submitted to ACA. Confirmation of nomination accepted by ACA.
  • ii. Online voting starts.
  • iii. Nominations close: 30th August 2017.
  • iv. Then the shortlist will be published on the website. Best 100 eateries, 20 best takeaways and delivery outlets and 50 best chefs are chosen by the public are announced. Invitation to attend the awards ceremony sent out to those shortlisted.
  • v. Judges choose the winners based on Judging Criteria. Prize Winners announced at ceremony on 15th November 2017.

The 100 best eateries will be divided into South Asian (Indian sub-continent) and East Asian (Chinese, Malaysian, Japanese, Thai, etc.). South Asian eateries will be awarded prizes on a regional basis. East Asian eateries will be awarded prizes on a national basis. The 20 best takeaways and delivery outlets will be judged on additional criteria specific to this industry.

The chefs will be subject to a live competition in University of West London (in the specialist Asian cooking facility, the Pillars Kitchen) on 5th October 2017. The young chef competition will also be held at the same venue on 5th October 2017.

Attachment 1 lists the prizes to be awarded on 15th November 2017


The Judging Panel will consist of highly experienced catering profession, representatives of the catering industry and commerce, experts and prominent people in different fields, who will pay particular regard to the following factors:

  • – Food (Quality of Food, Ingredients, Taste, Presentation, Authenticity and Originality)
  • – Customer Service (Staff Attitude, Manager Attitude, Comfort and Ambience)
  • – Cleanliness/Health & Safety (Food & Kitchen, Washroom and Eatery).

Detailed Criteria is Listed after the Awards list

List of ACA Prizes (to be awarded on 15th November 2017)

  Prize National/Regional Food Group
1. Best Asian Restaurant of the Year National Any
2. Best  East Asian Takeaway/Delivery Restaurant of the Year National Any
3. Best  South Asian Takeaway/Delivery Restaurant of the Year National Any
4. Lifetime Achievement National Any
5. Newcomer Restaurant of the Year National Any
6. East Asian National National East Asian
7. Chef of the Year National Any
8. Young Chef of the Year National Any
9. South Asian Regional London South Asian
10. South Asian Regional London Suburbs South Asian
11. South Asian Regional South East South Asian
12. South Asian Regional South West South Asian
13. South Asian Regional South Coast South Asian
14. South Asian Regional East England South Asian
15. South Asian Regional Midlands South Asian
16. South Asian Regional North South Asian
17. South Asian Regional Scotland & Northern Ireland South Asian
18. South Asian Regional Wales South Asian
Definition Note: ‘South Asian’ is defined as Bangladeshi, Indian, Nepalese, Pakistani, Sri Lankan and other cuisine from South Asian heritage. ‘East Asia’ is defined as Chinese, Malaysian, Japanese, Thai and other cuisines from East Asian heritage.



Authenticity and Food Quality (0-15 points)

  • – For classical Asian dishes, the original recipe is applicable. It’s authenticity will be judged.
  • – The freshness, healthiness and organic quality of the ingredients will be considered including the use of Asian spices.

Correct Preparation (0-15 points)

  • Appropriate culinary preparation with full attention to the correct cooking of different ingredients – both for taste and specific elements of the dish for their best cooking techniques.

Degree of Difficulty / Creativity (0-10 points)

  • – Judgement is primarily based on the artistic work, but also on the degree of difficult and the effort expended.
  • – Originality of the recipe will be considered. But this must be effectively done.

Presentation and Portion Size (0-5 points)

  • The design layout of the food created and served will be considered. The portion must be positive for an eating out experience. The balance of the dishes will be considered – heavy and light foods, etc.

Practical, Up-To-Date Serving (0-5 points)

The food must be served at the right time after its preparation. This will be judged by its ability to maintain its texture and quality during the eating period.

*Total possible points: 50 (no half points will be given)


Staff Attitudes (0-10 points)

  • – Staff must show high standards of customer care.
  • – Extra appropriate attention and service care will be awarded extra points.

Comfort (0-5 points)

  • The restaurant must be comfortable for the customers. The furniture must be of high quality for the customers.

Ambience (0-5 points)

  • The décor and ambience of the eaterie must be authentic and pleasant. It should be in harmony with the aim of the eaterie in terms of the eating experience.

Manager Attitude (0-5 points)

  • The manager of the eaterie must show leadership of the restaurant in a positive manner including in terms of the attention paid to the customers and any issues raised by them.

* Total possible points: 25 (no half points will be given)


Preparation Areas must be clean and safe at all times (0-10 points)

  • Food preparation must be done in a clean environment in all aspects of the kitchen or drinks preparation areas. Food must be of high standards without compromising the safety of customers.
  • Minimum standards must be maintained. Extra attention to safety will be given extra points.

Washrooms must be clean and safe at all times (0-10 points)

  • Toilets and washrooms must be kept clean at all times.
  • Hygienic modern washing facilities must be provided. Extra points for modern facilities will be awarded.

Eatery must be clean and safe at all times (0-5 points)

  • The eatery and entry points must be clean and safe at all times. There must be no obvious health and safety problems.
  • The eatery must be kept clean in all of its eating area and entry points.

*Total possible points: 25 (no half points will be given)



  • Match of product delivered to product advertised.
  • Delivery/waiting times.
  • All offers must be current and accuracy of offers.
  • Use of technology (e.g. e-marketing, online system, website, use of mobile technology and apps).

Quality of delivery (0-10 points)

  • Quality of products delivered (from main dishes to sides to sweets and drinks)
  • Choices available (menu catering for variety of taste/food type)
  • High quality packaging system.
  • Food quality during the delivery process up to eating point.

Delivery staff (0-5 points)

  • Positive attitude of staff
  • Staff health and safety

Terms and Conditions

  • 1.All entries must be submitted using the official online entry form and be received by midnight 30th August 2017.
  • 2.Entries will need to be made on an Official Nomination Form signed by the owner or manager of the restaurant/takeaway nominated along with the appropriate nomination fee, appropriate documents and a signed declaration to abide by these terms and conditions of the competition.
  • 3.Once received no entries will be returned unless specifically requested by the applicant.
  • 4.The organisers cannot accept any responsibility whatsoever for the protection of rights to the nominees products/services.
  • 5. The decision of the judges is final in terms of any award. The organisers will not be obliged to justify their decision or enter into any correspondence.
  • 6. Any entrants for the awards must participate in media coverage as requested by the organisers. The competition will receive media coverage and the organisers spend considerable energy building this brand with publicity and media coverage. This is a mandatory term and condition of entry into the competition.
  • 7. Any entrants must make details of the nomination available for publication on the ACA website to enable voting to take place. This information is stated on the nomination form.
  • 8. Finalists in all categories are expected to attend the awards ceremony in London on Sunday, 15th November, 2017.
  • 9. Shortlisted applicants for the final may be requested to supply additional material in support of their application and to receive a visit from the judging panel when necessary.
  • 10. The organisers reserve the right, not to make awards in any category if the standard of entry does not warrant it.
  • 11. The organisers reserve the right to withdraw the prize within a year period after the winning date due to any major fall in the standards of any prize winners or conduct damaging the reputation of the prize.
  • 12. Entries and contact details submitted will be passed onto our judges for the awards process.
  • 13. All information submitted will be treated as confidential, if so requested.
  • 14. The awards competition is not open to any sponsoring companies of the awards or their subsidiaries
  • 15. Entries are welcome from businesses and individuals operating within the Asian curry sector of the hospitality and catering Industry based within the United Kingdom.
  • 16. The ACA will be responsible for final decisions on the interpretation of these terms and conditions during the competition. Any queries by entrants must be addressed in writing to the organisers.

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