Halal Dinning Club

15th February 2016


The founder of a halal dining app, which raised more than £200,000 from a Crowdcube pitch last year, is to launch another funding round at the end of 2017. Siddika Jaffer said she developed the idea for The Halal Dining Club whilst tudying for a Masters degree in Singapore. She found almost one in two diners were affected by some sort of dietary restriction, while a further 1.6 billion customers chose to dine halal.


“Being a halal diner myself, I experienced this problem on a fairly regular basis, especially when I was travelling not knowing what was halal and what wasn’t amid a lack of transparency and good information,” said Jaffer, adding, “We felt the solutions out there weren’t good enough and we decided to do something about it.”


Jaffer said The Halal Dining Club was a platform that allowed customers to see reviews and book a table and would save them having to “flit around multiple different apps”.


The Halal Dining Club closed its first round of funding within one week and achieved overfunding from its target of £150,000 to £200,550, offering investors 16.7% equity in the business.